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tax clearance-not employed

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    Re possible tax refunds. You can ask for your cheque to be sent to a different address in Hong Kong to someone who can pay it into your bank account for you. Obviously it's pointless having a cheque sent to the UK. We (me and my wife) have received several tax refunds over the last year sent to my wife's employer and a helpful admin assistant pays them into our account via an ATM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matty299:
    Thank you again for
    your kind help. May I ask would she still be able to clear tax with an IR56F? She wouldn’t have to go back to her employer for an IR56G?

    thank you so much. Really appreciate this especially in such stressful and confusing times.
    This I am not sure of. Obviously it would be more straightforward if she had an IR56G in hand. If it is fairly easy for her to get an IR56G from her ex-employer, this would make things simpler for IRD. IR56G can be sent to her by her ex-employer in soft copy anyway. But she can also try to email IRD as well and ask if IR56F would be sufficient to clear tax, explaining her circumstances. Both forms contain the same info about personal details and remuneration, just that some wordings are different where one form states employee is leaving HK (IR56G) while the other states employee is about to cease to be employed (IR56F).

    @Pauljoecoe is right about refund cheques. If your ex-employer or a trusted friend in HK is willing to deposit these cheques into your HK bank account, inform IRD about it when you mail back your completed and signed BIR60 for 2021/22. Or send them a follow up email after mailing back said tax return to make this request and give them the postal address and other required details if you want cheques mailed to your friend’s address.