Moving from HK to Shenzhen at the end of the month - logistics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hkme123:
    It's a package deal that includes meals similar to HK quarantine, right? Any idea how difficult it would be to arrange vegetarian meals? Food delivery options?
    I would assume very difficult, but you can certainly ask. Some hotels allow deliveries, some don't. Better check Weibo, I'm sure there are reports about every quarantine hotel.

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    I spoke to a travel agent today who advised me to take the MTR to Tuen Mun then a green taxi to Shenzhen Bay. Could also take a bus from Tuen Mun but not quite sure how that all works out, so a taxi might just be easier to deal with.

    Any covid-related measures I need to do like getting tested before departing HK?

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    Seems like shortened Hotel Quarantine in Shenzhen

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    This thread has been very helpful for my own situation. I am moving to a city in the middle of China. There are no direct flights there. So I have to quarantine at my port of entry. My employers have suggested that I cross the border at Shenzhen Bay, quarantine in Shenzhen, and then take a train/plane northward.

    It's helpful to know that I don't have to arrange a hotel in Shenzhen beforehand; they decide that for me when I tell them my preference/budget.

    I wanted to ask about the steps after quarantine, if anyone knows. Whether it's now 7 or still 14 days in the hotel, it seems there is "home quarantine" afterward, and then another stage. Can I do these latter stages in my actual city of employment? Or must they be done in Shenzhen, also? I figure I can do the initial hotel quarantine in Shenzhen, and then move on to my destination and do the home quarantine there. (Home quarantine will probably be a short-term apartment provided by my employer.)