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US Vaccination card

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    US Vaccination card

    Any Americans know how to get a vaccination card in the US (California) with proof of vaccination in HK? Thanks very much.

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    I'm not sure that's a thing - to get a U.S. vax card with proof of foreign vaccines.

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    Seems to be local / Discretionary

    If You Were Vaccinated Abroad
    To update your records with vaccines you received while outside of the United States, you may:

    Contact the immunization information system (IIS) in your state. You can find state IIS information on the CDC website.

    Contact your healthcare provider or your local or state immunization program through your state’s health department.

    The CDC-labeled white COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards are only issued to people vaccinated in the United States. CDC recommends you keep your documentation of being vaccinated in the other country as proof of vaccination. CDC also recommends checking with your primary care provider or state health department for options to document your vaccination status domestically.
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