Employer doesn't provide IR56G

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    Employer doesn't provide IR56G

    I'm going to leave my current company at the end of January and several of my colleagues are also on their way out, as things are going pretty badly for the company. One person I know, let's call him Frank, is going to leave already at the end of December. The problem is that none of us have received their IR56G from HR despite asking them several times about it and so we're approaching the end of our contracts without having initiated the tax clearance. Frank is getting pretty nervous about this since his flight is on Dec 30 and he's worried he won't be able to get his last month's salary released and his MPF settled before leaving HK if our company delays this any longer. Yesterday, our HR yet again told him that they will send out the IR56G "in due course".

    Obviously, our company must already have filed the IR56G forms, as they are required to do so by law 1 month in advance. However, for some reason, they seem to be very reluctant to actually send these forms to their departing employees. I should mention that it's not at all unlikely that the company will cease operations within the next 6 months, and so there is a real chance that we may never get our last month's salaries if we don't manage to get them released soon.

    Is there any way we can force our company to stop delaying our tax clearance?

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    If you have your employers proper company name, receipts of previous salaries / direct deposits etc and bonus their br number - walk down to IRD in Wanchai and have a word with them.

    Also remind your employer that beyond being liable for taxes they are also liable for penalties as ird has been informed that they have not issued the required forms.