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Shipment from HK To UK (Bogus Charges)

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    Shipment from HK To UK (Bogus Charges)

    So I booked and used 7 [email protected]@s to move my boxes from HK to UK as I only packed 18 boxes.

    Total cost: HK19197.80

    I paid the depost and they took my boxes on April 29, paid the HK side charges, it finally arrived to UK on July 18th and I paid the UK side charges, suddenly yesterday I got another email telling me to fork out another £123.85 for storage fee??

    I called up 7 [email protected]@S in HK and asked what the hell is going on and the women on the phone replied "Oh that fee is just if you want to store the goods in their warehouse" I was like I never asked for my boxes to be stored, its your side that is very late on the delivery of my boxes if any, she was like oh yes so we can deliver your boxes tomorrow is that ok, im like off course its ok, send ASAP.

    So morel of this post is just dont pay any bills you see from them, call and check and ask WTF is these charges.

    I saved £123.85 so i can go to ASDA and buy more stuff

    Timeline below:
    14 Large Boxes + 4 of my own Very Large boxes

    04-April-2022 Payment : Card Payment HKD1190.00
    04-April-2022 Invoice - Deposit HKD1190.00
    14-April-2022 Deliver Empties @ 09:00-12:00 (Completed)
    29-April-2022 Invoice - Transport and Ship HKD14627.80
    29-April-2022 Collect Full Boxes & Bags @ 12:00-15:00 (Completed)
    04-May-2022 Ready to Move
    05-May-2022 Boxes located at Hong Kong Hub (HKG*00)
    05-May-2022 Payment : Card Payment HKD14627.80
    11-May-2022 Loading in Progress
    12-May-2022 Boxes located at Hong Kong Hub (TRANSIT)
    16-May-2022 Shipped
    30-June-2022 Shipment Delay At Tran-shipment Hub (2 days)
    04-July-2022 Arrival port Congestion Delay (2 days)
    14-July-2022 Shipment Delay At Tran-shipment Hub (2 days)
    18-July-2022 General Storage (Pending)
    21-July-2022 Boxes located at Ashford Hub (ASH*00)
    21-July-2022 Cleared Customs
    21-July-2022 Cleared Quarantine
    21-July-2022 Invoice - Charges at Destination £338.71
    21-July-2022 Payment : Card Payment £338.71
    26-July-2022 Boxes located at Ashford Hub (INTERDEPOT)
    29-July-2022 Interdepot Move from Ashford Hub to Manchester Depot
    03-August-2022 Boxes located at Manchester Depot (MAN*00)
    03-August-2022 Invoice - Avoidable Charges £123.85
    05-August-2022 Deliver Full Boxes & Bags (Pending)

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    They did the same to me but UK to HK. They were 2 weeks over their original estimate and asked me to pay for 2 weeks storage. I had to argue that I wasn’t going to pay for storage as 1) I didn’t ask for it and 2) my boxes were still on the boat.

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    I got stung the same way when my container arrived in the Philippines, except it was by customs who argued that because it had taken them 2 weeks to clear the container I had to pay 2 weeks storage.

    A nice money making scheme but you are never going to win with customs (especially when there is something in the container you don't want them to see )

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    Sometimes extra charges like SIT or Demurrage charges which are charged by the port or the owner of the shipping container and those charges are passed to the shipper.
    SIT (Storage in transit in a port or bonded warehouse) is generally charged by the port for the time it sits on the dock. Usually shipping company factor in a few days but if longer then its extra costs.
    Demurrage is charged by whoever owns the actual container (removal companies generally hire shipping containers), usually they don't charge for the first 7 days when sat in a port. If they are sat longer then that then its extra.
    Check the small print of your contract.

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    So 1 guy turns up in a rental truck with my stuff and according to company policy he is only to drop off the boxes outside my door so he asks me how much I will pay him to move it inside, oh well last leg of the journey so I gave the poor guy 40 quid (he would have accepted 20) as he had to move all 18 boxes by himself and gave him two bottles of cold water.

    Good luck if y0u have a whole container of stuff lol

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    40 quid for carrying 18 boxes in? How long did that take him? Bet it was the best hourly rate he's ever earnt!