Anyone is member to Planet Yoga?

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    tung chung


    thanks nina
    can u pls tell me where i can join the yoga class im in tung chung and also pls tell me good one ru also in hk or


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    Sunita - Please remember, don't do any Yoga until your operation has properly healed! Talk to your doctor first and ask him when is the right time to start yoga. Then, once you are ready you can look at some of the following studios (unfortunately I don't know specifically about yoga classes in Tung Chung):

    Pure Yoga

    Planet Yoga

    Yoga Central

    Personally I go to Pure Yoga, but I've heard good things about all 3studios.

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    Angry Planet Yoga

    I had the worst experience with Planet Yoga. To cut a long story short, they brought out one contract which I signed and paid for, then they brought out another which they said would be cheaper but that I would have to pay up front. I did the math and agreed that the second contract was better. Before, signing the second contract, I asked them whether they tore up the first one. Jerry, the guy who was dealing with my contracts said yes. So I signed the second contract. My credit card didn't go through fortunately because my bank considered it an irregular transaction. The joining process was taking a long time, about an hour and I was beginning to get suspicious. So I left. I didn't get a receipt of any kind, or a copy of the contract or a membership card or anything. However, I noticed that $2300 was deducted from my account! I called Planet Yoga and was told that it was for the first contract which they were supposed to have ripped up! I told them to refund me immediately and they refused saying that they had my signature on the contract and the money is not refundable. Please be warned. Planet Yoga is a shady joint. They are out to scam your money!

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    I strongly advise against Planet Yoga, because of the following reasons:

    1) Phony yoga classes (I'm sorry, but Yoga Combat, Yoga Punch, etc. are not yoga classes, they are just aerobics/taebo -ish classes!!) You can't just attach the word 'yoga' to anything, geez.

    2) Over-emphasis on INDIAN instructors. Planet Yoga loves to tell prospective customers "Over 80% of our instructors are REAL INDIANS!!" But, just cuz they're Indian doesn't mean they are the best Yoga instructors. In fact, their English is quite bad, so instead of hearing inspiring words of encouragement during ur practice, you just get, "Up, breathe, more down, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" repeated a gazillion times, making you feel absolutely BORED AS H*LL.

    3) Extremely hard salespeople who keep selling to you everytime you come in. REFER FRIENDS!! WIN PRIZES!! GET A FREE UGLY ORANGE BAG/BOTTLE for doing so!! (Um hello, I DONT GIVE A SH*T!)

    4) Lukewarm "HOT" YOGA classes. The temperature should be 38-40 degrees, but in their hottest class called Agni Fire Hot I swear I hardly break a sweat. It's outright yoga for wimps.

    5) Never being able to get in a class! So, you're supposed to book each class by calling in, but 90% of the time, they're full. That means you gotta go in, get changed, stand in a line and *hope* that someone didn't show up. But let's think about it. If there are 20 spots and the class is full, why do you get 30 people to queue up in the waiting list?? Obviously 10 people aren't getting in, so just tell them to go home!

    Problem is they keep signing up more and more members, and the classes get more and more full, so it becomes a major hassle to a) actually take a class and b) try to use the showers or 1 of the measly 3 toilets inside of the ladies' change room.

    I suggest you try a place like PURE, where the environment is serene, clean, professional and pleasant. I'm not sure how their classes are, but already I think it's worth the money to NOT feel like you're walking into a cage of monkeys everytime you go to yoga.

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