Gymnastic class

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    Gymnastic class

    my relatives in the states will be coming to HK this summer, one of my nephews is doing the level 5 and is in a team in her hometown. She likes to keep on her practice in the few weeks she stays in HK.
    Does any one know about any good gymnastic school offering english classes in HK? Tks a lot.


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    I dont know where you'd find a gym, but I used to be a gymnast and my suggestion is if she cant find a proper gym she should just try and keep up a modified flexibility program, and conditioning program. Either at a park even, or a fitness gym maybe.
    Thats what I did if I didnt have access to a gym.

    Hope that helps.


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    Pure Fitness is good

    I know Pure Fitness have a short-tearm membbership for the clients
    And You can contact to the customer repersentative BennyC 6188 0428
    He can give you more information.