Dive Shopa and DM licences

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    Dive Shopa and DM licences

    I'm thinking about getting my DM cert upon moving to HK next year, and was wondering what shops people recommend for that. I've looked at the sites for Mandarin, Bunn's and Pro Dive so far. What I'm interested in is not only quality teaching and equipment, but a history of working with ex-pats since I don't speak an Cantonese. Whom do you trust and enjoy diving with? TIA

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    The best Dive shop for expats in HK is SplashHK, based in Hebe Haven in Sai Kung.

    It is run by Damon Rose, he has been in HK since the early 90's and has a well established operation that caters for English and Cantonese speakers.

    you can get his details from his website http://www.splashhk.com/

    He is a very friendly guy and will give you all the advice and information you need.

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    Mandarin runs an extremely thorough DM course. Its operated by a great Aussie couple and teaches predominately expats. Paul is quite well known and respected throughout the region's dive community, especially for rebreather and technical diving. Highly recommended.

    ProDive and Bunn's (and most other shops) will offer a cheaper course, but generally pack in the numbers and definately cater to locals.

    (FYR I don't work for Mandarin, however I'm a BSAC, IANTD and PADI instructor and been diving in HK and the region for 8+yrs...you can send me a PM if you have questions about the dive scene)