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    Veterans Football

    Hello any veteran teams out their needing players, would like to play weekly, getting on a bit 42 but still quite fit and passionate

    please let me know


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    Did you ever find a team to play for? I'm keen to join up with a team if possible

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    wanna play in a team ? email me - [email protected]

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    A veterans league starting up in September and I'm looking for players. Email directly at [email protected] if you are interested in playing for our side.


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    Hi there, are there any teams out there looking for players? Just moved to HK, need to get shape and not played regularly for a few years.... But I'm willing and able!

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    I believe each area in HK is blessed with soccer ground and players regularly play there. You just need to go there and mix up with the people.

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    Hi Blackcat,

    We have a game this friday night for vets friendly match. Email me on [email protected] or contact me on 97529957 for more details.


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    At what age is one considered a "veteran?"

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    Over 35 normally.