Prescription Snorkeling Mask

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    Prescription Snorkeling Mask

    Does anyone know of an optician that does prescription snorkelling masks. I am only after a very cheap and simply mask with my own prescription glass.

    I know in England you could buy them from your regular highstreet opticians e.g. Specsavers.

    Ideally I'm looking for somewhere on HK Island but please let me know of anywhere you think may do them.

    (Sorry if this post appears twice I tried to send it earlier but cannot find it - so am resending it)


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    Most of the dive shops should do them.

    You can always go to Prodive in Wan Chai.
    There's even a dive shop in Sai Kung that will do them.

    I know there are a couple of dive shops in TST but I'm not sure where.