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    personal trainers

    Hi everyone. I'm been looking around here and online regarding gym instructors and personal trainers in Hong Kong.
    Is there anyone in here that are currently or have experienced in that field in Hong Kong and don't mind answering a few questions? If so can you private mail me as ill really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance

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    5 seconds research using the search function here would direct you to exactly the same thread that was being discussed yesterday.

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    I searched here for a PT and after speaking to half a dozen and trying out with 3 I found the right guy for me.
    If it helps here are a few things I learned.

    1) Check the qualifications;
    an experienced PT will have other related certifications (nutrition, stretching, sports coaching etc. It shows that they really are interested in health and fitness not just trying to make a quick buck)
    many of the 'internationally certified' trainers only have the most basic HK qualification (NASM) which is quick cheap and easy. Anybody can get it in 4-5 weeks for around 5k HK$ with total 12 hours in a classroom and 1 exam. You may as well do it yourself. (The same qualification elsewhere can entail sitting 20 exams and studying intensively for 3 months!) The cost in HK seems to be the same for either trainer so go with the one who has put the study in.

    2) Experience matters;
    this is your body and your health- a more experienced trainer won't be using you as a guinea pig to find the best way to reach your goals.
    most PTs only stay in the industry for 3 months, if you use a new trainer they may not be there a few weeks down the line. A proven track record speaks volumes and if a PT has been working here in the industry for a few years they must be doing something right.

    3) Get a recommendation;
    either a personal recommendation, something in writing from present/former clients or (as I did) people here on Geo if you're new to Hong Kong.

    4) Cheapest is not always best;
    Why do some trainers charge more? because they can. If a trainer is charging at the bottom end it's because they know they have to but if they are charging the usual rate and still filling their diaries they are probably worth the extra few dollars. If you spend less and achieve nothing your money is wasted.

    5) See how long their clients have been with them;
    if they can't keep their present clients do you really want to train with them?

    Of course these are only my opinions, it took me a while to find the right guy and I have been training happily and successfully with him for a couple of years now, I hope you have similar luck.

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    Sorry if I didn't make myself clear but first thanks for your very informative reply lauraf :-) but I'm personal trainer in the UK and wanted to know more about the hk fitness industry and how it works etc. Was hoping someone would be in that field on this forum and don't mind me asking questions on there experience.
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