Road Biking in Hong Kong

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    Road Biking in Hong Kong

    I will be spending quite a few weeks in HK over the next 4 months. I am an avid cyclist and will be bring my S&S coupled travel bike with me.

    I will likely stay in a hotel on Gloucester Bay near our office. Are there any safe cycling routes nearby if I ride at 6:00AM? Was nice and hilly near Peak Tram. Can I get there from here?

    Any cycling clubs or organized rides for the weekends?


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    Hi like2bike

    Sure, there are plenty of cyclists and clubs in Hong Kong. But cycling has a low public profile, and many drivers are unaware of cyclists’ rights and needs. So in the urban areas you’ll need your wits about you – the same as in any city. Cycling ‘routes’ are not designated or even encouraged by the government.

    If you support the Critical Mass movement, you could join our group and post a hello. There are some keen riders and tourers who can put you in touch with the scene.

    Some other options are:
    HK Cycling Tour Association
    <info ATT>

    Hong Kong Cyclists
    <kwyan ATT>

    Cyclist Club
    <yswong ATT>

    Or check out this Wikipedia page for more clubs:


    <wheeliefine ATT gmail DOT com>

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    I commute every day to work on the bike, around 30-50km a day. This is in the New Territories, Sha Tin (one of the reasons I still work in this job). Weekday mornings on the bike paths between Sha Tin and Tai Po is similar to being in heaven. The paths are wide (similar to a 2-lane highway), right next to the ocean, and relatively clear (regulary hit speeds of 40-50km/hr. On the weekends, it is recommended to go cycling "off the bike paths" due to congestion by casual riders, like Sai Kung, Lantau, or Bride's Pool Road. In the evenings, at 8pm on Thursdays, the pro teams come out to Science Park to train. Fun to watch or ride with for a couple of laps. After 8pm on most evenings, the 5 km road loop is clear of cars (next to Science Park).

    For parking, Science Park has parking from 6 HKD/hour. Or you can try Tai Po Industrial Park after work hours. And there is expensive parking in Sha Tin New Town Plaza, or City One/Ma On Shan area. Or you can take the KCR/Taxi/van out to Science Park.

    If you are ever in the Science Park area on weekday mornings/lunchtime/evenings and want a cycling partner/tour guide, let me know. I got a couple spare road bikes or you can bring your own.

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    Can anyone suggest any road bike shops. I just moved here and didnt bring my bike (very gutted).

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    Was contemplating bringing over my road bike, but may just hire/buy a new one there - I think i'll be in Wan Chai, much like the OP - unsure what the safety will be like