Gym near CUHK

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    Gym near CUHK

    Hi, a new member to add to the forum

    I'm going to be in HK this summer for 2 months, on a research visit to the CUHK. Are there any good weightlifting/powerlifting gyms in nearby area, that I could use on some monthly contract (instead of signing up for the whole year?), or at least that I could pay for per session? I mean I know that there is Franco's and California and whatnot near the island, but that's pretty far from CUHK. (Alternatively, is there anyone familiar with CUHK who knows what their training facilities are like?)

    On another note, while I'll probably be offered accommodation on the campus, in case it's really dire, are there any medium-stay apartments in the area that I could look up?


    (NB: just in case, CUHK, Chinese University of Hong Kong, near Ma Liu Shui)

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    Check CUHK's website - there are lots of sport facIlities on campus
    Sport Facilities | CUHK