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    TV advice

    I have a very old Panasonic CRT television that still has a pretty good picture, but recently the remote control stopped working and the TV seems to go haywire, blinking, switching between channels and into AV mode when turned on manually. Does this sound like a configuration problem or is it time to replace?

    What are some good value 37" TV these days? Where can you find good deals?

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    i think it has to do with the has happened to me in the past and i got advice from an electronic friend...

    as for the tv, are you referring to the LCD (plasma 37")?
    i suggest you go to Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mongkok, there are about 5 kind of electronic shops ...

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    I've juz bought a Toshiba 37C3000H.

    37" size
    Full HD 1920x1080
    support pixel to pixel (exact scan)
    2 HDMI, 1 PC input
    Component, S-Video and Composite

    $13370 ($2000 cash rebate from Toshiba 3 weeks after product registration)

    Clear and Sharp image even for SD input like Free TV, Cable or NOW.

    Compare w/ my friend's Philips 37" when playing the same Xbox 360 game (HDMI input), we both agree my TV's performance is much better.

    For this price range, u can also consider the Hitachi 37" Full HD model. New Sharp GX3 series will be available soon.

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    Hi there C1000,

    Have you also considered a High Definition native 16 x 9 LCD projector ?

    Prices of home cinema quality projectors have become amazingly affordable over the last 3 years, the image quality at 80 to 120 inch diagonal is extremely detailed and natural, far more involving than a 37 inch TV of similar price.

    If you really love your movies, especially getting into Blu Ray or HD DVD content as it evolves, or watching the late night football game, a projector is certainly worth considering.

    Progressive component input, and HDMI slots for 1080i connecivity.

    Off axis lens shifting, allowing the projector to be placed beside a sofa.

    This is what a 90 inch image looks like.

    For under $13,000HKD, you could have a projector, a 5 metre component video lead, and a floor retractable roll upward 80 or 90 inch 16 x 9 screen. Now, providing you have between 2.5 and 2.8 metres distance between your sofa wall and your TV wall, you will be able to achieve a 80 - 90 inch image, which is the projectors throw distance. Keep your TV for general viewing and use the projector for special content worthy of the high resolution.

    Anyway just an idea if you havent considered the idea. Btw the projector I use is Sanyo's highly sort after PLV-Z5. I have not had the chance to try the HDMI input as yet, as I am still deciding what HD/Blu Ray player to buy, but certainly eagerly anticipating how much better it's going to be, compared to my existing progressivley scanned DVD content, and the ability to tweak the projectors adjustable scaler.
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    Send a PM to FatBlack .. they deal with display units and units that are used in tradeshows etc. Was very impressed with their price range.

    Have not bought from them, so cant give a personal recommendation .. other than their prices look good.