Co-ed football/soccer leagues?

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    Co-ed football/soccer leagues?

    My wife and I just moved here and are looking for any soccer leagues that have co-ed teams, or allow women to play on men's teams. I've done some poking around and have sent inquiries to the leagues previously mentioned on the forum, but it doesn't look like they have co-ed teams.

    We also wouldn't mind just playing friendlies, if you know of anyone that gets together to punt a ball around for fun.


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    Hi, did you ever find any coed soccer leagues in hong kong? really like soccer/football, looking for a coed team or a place that women can play.

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    Hi my team is a co-ed league a social football team where we have league games on Sat (Home: Happy Valley) and friendly games on Sunday (at Tung Chung tho). Hamsap FC - HK Football Group

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    any chance I can join?

    Dear All,

    Just moved to Hong Kong and looking for some soccer games that I could join and play. Look foward to any feedbacks!

    Cheers, Marcelo
    [email protected]

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    Hi, I'm interested in playing. Please let me know if anyone is in need of a keeper.

    Veronica ([email protected])