Indoor Volleyball

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    Hi, I've just moved here and played in co-ed "advanced" volleyball for the past few years. I'm interested in any format vball.

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    Cramped island

    tagging this thread. anyone still playing v ball around ?

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    i'm new as well... but i'm down to play whenever/wherever

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    Hey guys
    I am an expat who arrived to Hkg a week ago and looking for a team to play.
    I played for 15 years in my homeland but for the last 5 years did not have much chance to play. Anyone can help me out where to find a team?
    thnx a lot

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    league volleyball

    Quote Originally Posted by usagi:
    All, A few of you have emailed me inquiring about our games every Sunday. For those who are still looking to play on a more regular basis, please email me.

    We play at a B calibre level and up. Some of the A and A+ players in the group have formed their own Mens team and have been playing in a couple of local tournaments.

    We also have a number of girls looking to form a competitive team, so let me know if you are interested in this as well.

    Clinics will start again this Spring / Summer for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced depending on interest.

    Email for more info to [email protected]

    Hi, I'm new to this forum/site and interested in playing some competitive volleyball. Are there any teams out there currently playing in tournaments or leagues who can use a OH or MB? I'm on the HK island side so preferably like to play there. I've played collegiate, sand, and Chinese 9-man in the states for the past 15 years. I haven't played in a over a year so I might be kinda rusty. Please msg me.



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    Sheung wan sports center is available for booking. I've seen people play volleyball there. I think it's actually called the Sheung Wan municipal center.

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    I am also keen to join! If you guys are booking venue for volleyball time, please pm me !!

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    Kandila, I think it's a grand idea to come on here looking for players and all that and I wish you the best of luck.

    I do think that's it's pretty selfish of you to bump up four threads about volleyball though! Some consideration please.. "Keep the ball flying!"

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    HI there. We have a volleyball team of Filipino women and play in competitions every Sunday. We are looking for someone to join us. We need someone who is an attacker or even better good on all positions. If you're interested or know someone, we would really appreciate if you come and meet up with us one Sunday. There is a league this coming November and we need one more player or even 2. Let me know.. My contact number is 60911264 email is [email protected] . By the way we play outdoors in North Point and Causeway Bay and it is an all female game. And also... can you pls tell me about the clinics?

    Thanks and "Keep the ball flying!"

    kind regards,

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    I am sorry... I did not mean to.. I am not so good using this.. I thought I needed to make separate posts hence the multiple posts as well. Pls accept my apologies.

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