I'm going to try and organize Competitive Court/Beach Volleyball

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    I'm going to try and organize Competitive Court/Beach Volleyball

    Hey Guys and Gals

    so I've been reading this form for the last couple of months prior to moving to HK from Canada (I've been in HK two weeks now). From what I've read I'm convinced and it sounds like there's quite a few high caliber (advanced) female and male volleyball players looking to play. Problem is getting everyone together.

    I'm willing to try and organize something but it'll take some time.

    These are my thoughts: If you guys and gals enjoy competing as much as I do you're probably willing to make the trip every once in a while to come play (if the time and location is convenient) and good caliber of play. I'm thinking a mix between court and beach sessions (beach vball especially when the weather is nice) hmm... trip to beach for an afternoon on the weekend for food, beer, volleyball and chillin' sound actually pretty nice!

    So this is what I need
    1) Where you're located? (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories)
    2) Is location a huge factor for you? (public transit in HK is great so I don't imagine it should be but thought I should ask)
    3) Day of the week and time available? (give 3 or more that you could honestly make)
    I prefer email so email me @ [email protected].

    (I'm going to give it till March 1, 2008 because frankly the posts here seem really old and I want to give some time for players to respond so if you email me I'll respond on that date to give an update on the responses and progress)

    Also seeking a take charge co-organizer let me know if you are one (I know really rare... this job really sucks but help is always appreciated). Kudos to Jaustar and all of his effort sounds fun but more of the recreational level.

    Hopefully something much more than recreational level comes from this post... rallys that involve great digs, hard spikes, the ability to execute quick sets and the odd jump serve. Six packs optional...hahaha. Oh, most important is Attitude (I play really hard but like to have tons of fun)... advanced players know what this means...


    p.s. I also play competitive soccer, basketball, and intermediate level hockey (for fun I workout, run, hike, ski and snowboard... I'll do just about anything). So looking to make some like-minded athletic friends who enjoy all sports

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    Sounds good.. I was over in Hong Kong over the summer to teach English at pre-school camps.. During my two months there, I was only able to attend the sessions organized by Jau, whom is actually a woman and not a man (regarding your use of "his"). =)

    But anyways! Was wondering what type of level you are in terms of skill? I am aware of a very high-level drop-in in Hong Kong, but have never played there. Most of the players seem about 6 ft.+ and have some type of professional or collegiate experience. I haven't personally played with any of them so far, as I'm back in Ottawa, Canada for the time being, but from the sounds of it, their level of competition is quite high. I remember having a conversation with him and there was a guy who was really upbeat of playing high level volleyball in Hong Kong.. Apparently, after playing with them, he surrendered his ego and admitted that the level was far too high for him to handle!

    Found that quite funny, but also a bit intimidating.. I'm not sure where I rank in terms of skill.. I would say somewhere between high-school to collegiate level of play, but am confident that it's not high enough caliber to make it to any collegiate teams. Jump serves, spikes, and playing formations is no problem.. Been a bit raw of late, but have been getting everything back after going on the huge hiatus when I was in Hong Kong.

    I'll be back in a few short months.. Let me know how everything goes.. And also, would love to find some friends that were also from Canada.