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How much do you pay for your gym membership?

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    Pure isn't about the view. It's a first-class gym through and through. It's by far the best gym experience I've ever had - from the condition of the gym and equipment to the quality of the staff. For instance, I've heard so many horror stories about the staff at California that this alone makes paying more for a quality gym like Pure worthwhile. In the end, you've got different gyms with different prices and offerings, and that's fair enough. Pure may be too expensive for some people, but it's certainly not expensive just for the sake of it. The best analogy I can make would be to hotels - some people just want a room and a bed, while others are willing to pay more for extra quality. To my mind something like California would be a three-star, while Pure would be a five-star. Now it's up to each person which level of quality they are willing to pay for, but there is a difference.

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    Afternoon all,

    I'm going into CF on Monday, I know they have some bad reviews, but the free weights and classes look pretty good, and I can simply say no to the PT offers. I've been offered 1 year contract at HK$415 per month. From what I've read this doesn't sound too bad, but my question is, what are people paying for recent 1 year contracts. If you've been there for ten years, transferred from the US, or any other special deal, then that's fantastic, but I'm not too interested. I just want to know recent 1 year deals before I walk through the door. I intend to at least try and get the price down to nearer the HK$300 mark, I'm just not too sure how realistic this is!

    Thanks in advance.

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    It depends if you want just the one club or many. I have the "any club in asia" package and it's hkd580 per month, that was a 1 year deal. Now it's month-to-month and I KNOW it's expensive, but I can cancel any time.

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    Calif Fitness:
    The TST club is rumored to be closing at the end of Jan. This was told to me by the hed trainer Yves and a guy called Leo who runs the sales. The staff seem to not want to keep members up to date so they can get people to renew memberships and training lessons.
    It seems like the plan is to wait until the very last few days to announce it so that they can screw people over into signing up only to find out later that they will need to use one of the other clubs instead.

    This Leo guy who is the SM for TST also claims that the Shanghai club will be closed in a few months.

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    anyone know if I can take my 24 hour fitness us club membership and use it at a california fitness HK location? They are the same company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodbye kitty:
    I just checked the link and I forgot to mention that the course is called 'briefing on proper ways to use gym equipment' or similar. You can also sign up for lots of other courses. I'm doing a 2 day kayaking course in Sept for $80!! The services are awesome but you usually need to sign up and then go in a ballot for these kinds of courses, they've very much in demand. The system is a bit tricky to get the hang of but it's worth spending the time.
    This is the silliest and stupidest thing I have ever encountered. As noted by the above poster in their other posts on this these briefings fill up immediately and they have about one a month. The other option is to take another 10 or 12 sessions and then be allowed to buy entry tickets. Those two are always full.

    Each time I have made a persona inquiry at the Sheung Wan Leisure Centre I have received all help short of actual assistance. It's a joke.

    Poking my head into the fitness centre (which when I have done this has been virtually empty) it seems very well equipped for a decent work out. If the folks running the centres were held accountable to ensure that there were decent numbers using these government paid for facilities they might perhaps add a few more briefings.

    You could join the YMCA gym in Vancouver and be working out 20 minutes later! They would offer to set up a briefing for you and someone (usually a volunteer trying to get hours in for their courses) would show folks how to use the equipment and even structure a work out plan. Other than that if you had a question the gym attendant would help you or other folks working out.

    HK does so many things well but one of them isn't knowing how to get their fitness centres used.
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    An update. Turned up at the Sheung Wan centre 3 hour briefing despite the class being full. One guy came from Yuen Long as he felt this location would be less busy as he had not been able to register before either.

    I see the need for the briefing for some older local women mostly and the high school kids who had not been in a gym before where the gweilos all had.

    We did some great stretching and some I hadn't seen before. It was good. Then got a briefing on each machine and the right techniques and what muscles they impacted and what you miss if you do it wrong.

    Then an exam at 8 followed by more stretching briefings and dumb bells use while they mark your paper.

    LOL .. The exam. They hand out the 10 questions with the instructions not to write on the exam paper but to circle the answers. The penalty is immediate disqualification. Okay. I think it means no notes and like the local guy beside me and I start to fill it in. Halfway through the 10 multiple choice questions the young local guy taps me on the shoulder to say he and I did it wrong. Just then the instructor appears with the answer page! At that point I just got up and handed it all back to him and started to exit as I now realize I am disqualified. It was funny. He stopped me and just laughed. I was still a bit nervous as I had to hand it to these other guys but they said nothing and I passed.

    They mark and you go back for more instruction and then just before 9 pm you get a letter saying you passed.

    Monthly charge is $180.

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    i guess too many dumbass posers have gotten hurt in the public gyms, since as I've stated numerous times, when I went in (3 years ago now), i was offered a third option to the above two...a 15 min walk-through with a trainer to show your personal knowledge of each briefing, no once-a-month test...15 mins later i had a temp permit, 1 week later my fitness scheme gold card...couldn't have been more painless

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    To pure goers- do they have cable tv screens at machines where one can plug in the head-phone listening and watching tv while exercising?

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    I'm up for renewal at Fitness First and wonder what a good price is for a one-year contract. I signed up with a friend last year and were offered something like $820 for the two of us, but this person has now left HK. I used to be at California and can say that FF is a lot more civilized, but the locations aren't quite as convenient for me.

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