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Gym on a shoe string

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    Gym on a shoe string

    Just moved to Hong Kong and want to join a gym (too hot for me to even attempt to run outside!) but I'm on a tight budget. Can anyone recommend any cheap options, ideally around Central.

    Thank you!

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    The cheap options are the LCSD (Government) fitness rooms at $180/month (or $17/hour):

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    Cotton Tree Drive Leisure Dept facilities has a workout gym, showers, dance studios. You have to bring your own towels and shower gels though.

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    if you haggle, physical gym can be cheap, but beware of their sly conning tactics and expat orientated mark up prices), physical gym is decent and has the most branches, inexpensive as low as HK$260 per month for 18 months (avoid signing up at central as they will charge moreHK$350 ish, try the back water branches ie, NT , bring a local friend), central/sheung wan branch is quite large, not packed and very convenient

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruntfuttock:
    The cheap options are the LCSD (Government) fitness rooms at $180/month (or $17/hour):
    To do this means you must have HKID and you must take the 3 hour course (briefing). The online fills up immediately but just turn up the night of the course and they will likely let you in. I tried for 6 months to online register only in the end to be told to just turn up and wait outside. All the expats and locals waiting got in and it seemed to be half the class!

    This means you can use them all the gyms anywhere in HK. The one in Sheung Wan has pretty decent equipment but then again I am not a gym nut. There are times there the gym is closed say 6-8 on Tuesday and next day or so 8-10 so you need the little schedule they give you. Downside to that one is not a good locker or shower facilities but if you come from home you can put your bag in the gym and keep an eye on it as you need your HKID every time.
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    I am a member of Physical Fitness, if you are low on budget they could be a good choice.
    Just remember not to get rip off. Aim for $250 - $300/mo. Beware of their pushy sales and half-assed trainers. They will try to up sell you anytime and any chance they can.

    I stopped going because of their aggressive sales tactics. What do i do now for fitness?

    I go to public park, find some monkey bar, do pull up, push up, plank, squat, sprint. That all I need.

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    How do you get $250-$300/month for Physical Fitness? They are opening a branch in Tai Po and salesmen are on every corner. The lowest I have heard is $388 for 13 months. Has anyone gotten a better rate?

    Do you recommend I sign up at another branch?


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