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    Quote Originally Posted by Yabdz:
    Hi everyone,
    I'm Yasmine, 23y old French dudette freshly arrived in HK !

    I'm looking for girls to play soccer with (team or just casual), I have not found yet but if you know some people or are interested tell me! More generally, I like team sports so if you play casual volley ball or even rugby please tell me !!

    Otherwise I'd enjoy playing tennis, I used to have an intermediate level but I have not played in years... I 'd like very much to play again. I live just near Victoria Park on HK Island where there are some fields, but I can move !



    Hi Yasmine! I' m Sonia, 24yo, french too and I just arrived in HK. I love playing soccer, used to play tennis in a club when Iwas younger but I havent practiced for a looong time now. Looks like we have a lot in common . I also like sports in general, like squash, hiking, water sports or team sports. I was wondering if you have found a place and or partners to playsoccer, tennis... and if you are still leaving in hk..If you do, do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers! Sonia

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    Hello,I'm Celia 23 years old HK girl,I like soccer,I haven't play soccer for a really long time,I wanna pick up my skills and have fun too!Please contact me if u want to play soccer together

    My whatsapp: 98896106

    Looking forward to your message!

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