For those who lift at Pure in Causeway Bay

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    For those who lift at Pure in Causeway Bay

    Apparently, the lifting platform is out of order. The guy at the front desk told me it was a noise issue, and the PT I talked to told me that there's a part that's broken and they're waiting for a replacement. I was told it'd take a few days to a week. Last time they had an issue with the platform, we were told a few days, and it took a month or two, if I recall correctly.

    Has anyone else gotten a clear answer out of the staff regarding what the issue is, and how long it'll take to fix? Basically my entire lifting workout revolves around that thing, so I have no reason to go there unless it's operational.

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    Hey Sunfire,

    I'm with you on this. Luckily the squat rack is usually not occupied and I do most of my workouts on that. Tough to do deadlifts though without the platform. I'll ask tomorrow morning when I go in and see what excuse I get.