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muay thai / kickboxing technique

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    muay thai / kickboxing technique

    Any suggestions on best places to go for muay thai or kickboxing which does more on technique than cardio?

    Seem to be plenty older forum posts on this. Not much recently.

    My thoughts on ones I've tried so far:-
    Impakt - fair trainers, but crowded classes make it more cardio
    Wunique, Kowloon - crowded, cardio,
    Ring, Central - 50/50
    Pure, Mongkok - surprisingly good as few people (but I only did one class)

    I'd prefer Kowloon, but not a big issue.

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    Give these guys a try:

    Swish , Cwb, mainly cardio unless you pay for private lessons.

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    Epic MMA in Central. It's the best by miles. all the coaches there are world champions or national champions. They also train with UFC fighters. That gym is awesome. 15,000 sq foot gym with a full size muay thai ring, a full size octagon cage, many punching bags and heavy bags. 5 star gym and premises. they have a class called "Muay Thai Cardio" at lunch time which is the one you wouldn't like...and they have another class in the evening called "Muay Thai" for technique, sparring etc... you can also take private lessons. it comes at a price though. not sure how serious you are with this. if you have the motivation and the time, its the only place that can take you to the next level. they want to farm champions.

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    I want to get better, rather than simply jump around for my money, so Epic sounds good, but expensive. Probably proves I'm not that serious after all.

    Am looking at Def and another in TST so far.