Road cycling in HK

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    Road cycling in HK


    I've just arrived in HK and have my road bike with me. I'm really keen to get out on t soon but it would be good to have someone to ride with. Does anyone know of any cycling clubs or groups that ride regularly? I've struggled to find any so far but have seen people out on the roads on previous visits.

    Alternatively, would anyone be interested in starting a group on here to meet up on weekend mornings? So far I've ridden around HK Island and Lantau but would love to get up to the NT to check out the roads.

    Cheers, Ed

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    There are at least several groups that seem to start out in Tung Chung by the MTR. I believe that a lot of the groups organise by Facebook. A good way to find riding partners is probably to strike up conversations with other riders if you see them resting or asking around at the shops. If you ferry over to Mui Wo, you'll often bump into cyclists as well.

    In my experience, open fora are pretty unlikely ways to find riding partners because of uncertainties involving skill levels. I think I've tried bringing two people from a forum riding, and one almost collapsed from heat exhaustion halfway through the ride so I no longer ride with internet strangers.

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