A New Soccer Team seeking for players for the New League Season this summer - 2013

We are a Japanese and expat team consisting of serious and youthful players who love to have a good team spirit whilst an edge to improve.
We will join a league in August and are now recruiting for more committed and quality players. We currently have a squad 20 strong with a good team spirit and youthful energy , aging from 19-39. Average age 28. We have Japanese, BBCs, local HK, English, American and Italian. We are a great bunch who loves each other company, always up for a laugh but serious about playing regularly and improving as a team. We wear the Japan jersey 2013 with pride and we have jus qualified for next year Brazil World Cup ( jus kidding). We like with style and as a team , and players be kitted properly for games.
Come along & join us... share your effort & experience with us....

If you are interested in joining a team and don`t mind to share your time & effort with us, please come and share your experience with us. Please contact me at : [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/SamuraiBlueFC

Best Regards,

æ–°çƒéšŠæ‹›æ”¬ç†±èª æ ‰å¿ƒçƒå“¡åŠ å…¥, 參加比賽(業餘聯賽 ), æœ¬çƒéšŠä¸€åŠçƒå“¡ç” å¤–ç±å°ˆæ¥­äººä»•çµ„æˆ  (男女均可)

隊伍名稱 : Samurai Blue FC

球隊聯絡人 : Yuji

聯絡方法 : [email protected] / https://www.facebook.com/SamuraiBlueFC

球隊地區 : 港島 九龍

招募球員位置 : 任何位置

球隊宗旨 : è¸¢å‡ºæ€§æ„Ÿå¿«æ¨‚è¶³ç ƒ, 又可以學英文, å› çƒå“¡å¤šæ•¸ä¿‚å¤–è ‰äººä»•

招募球員要求 : å¹´é½¡ä¸é™ï¼Œè‰¯å¥½æŠ è¡“ï¼Œæœ€ç·Šè¦æœ‰ç†±è  ï¿½ � �Teamworkï¼Œè‚¯ç¶“å¸¸å‡ºå ­, 最緊要係球品 , 出席率要高, 專注於本隊, 肯為球隊付出, 足球熱誠, 極具團隊精神, 尊重領隊及球隊的 決定同安排, 渴望得到進步 ... (要買戰衣 / Share 比賽費用)

çƒéšŠç·´ç¿’æ¯”è³½æ™‚é “ : 主要為星期六