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To Tom, apols I don't know how to quote ha ha. It's comparatively recent history in British terms and was certainly not always the case. GB was only created in the early 1700s but the legendary battles of Celtic independence live on to this day. Then of course we had the Irish splitting away. It's incredibly complex and arguably the rivalry on the football terraces even in recent years (how i miss home internationals) exists between numbskulls that have no true appreciation of why. The Eire England abandoned game in the mid 90s is a prime example.

Each of the remaining nations of the UK are fiercely proud of their heritage and rightly so but at the same time have no problem coming together for international events such as Olympics and Tennis.

I guess it must look strange from the outside and it is deeply personal. If asked i am English first and British second. Certainly NOT European ha ha. That's another can of worms. And yes we hate the French.

GB would not be the same without its separate Football and Rugby Union teams. Cricket is united under England and Wales but we don't have a national Toss the Caber or gingerest redhead team down south either.
Really good post and I get an idea, although only vague, what this fierce rivalry is all about.