Monthly gym membership

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    Monthly gym membership

    Hi everyone

    I'm fairly new to Hong Kong and would like to join a gym in central that doesn't require me to sign up for a year long contract. In London you can get month to month contracts from 60-100 pounds a month.

    Does this exist in hong kong? Any recommendations? I work in 3 exchange square, so would like a gym as close to that as possible.

    I know I can contact gyms to enquire but don't fancy getting hassled endlessly by them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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    As I just wrote in the physical thread I paid 4200 for a year which is 400/450£ but upfront. So of you're happy to pay up to £100 a month then most gyms around will be much less.

    I'd suggest haggling as they always offer stuff. Just set a limit on what you wanna pay and haggle them down. If you don't want the contacting you just go in in person.