Airsoft, for a new guy.

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    Airsoft, for a new guy.

    Id like to start in war gaming, since I tried it and I thought it was awesome, but I don't know how to start, such as gear and such.

    What is needed? (guns, masks, etc...)

    And where can I play?

    I know Mt. Davis and Combat Games


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    I haven't tried playing yet although i did paintball a few times back in the UK - when you find out let me know, I'd be up for joining - maybe we could arrange a few of us to do it.

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    If anybody replys, I just come back and check

    Hopefully there will be someone :P

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    iam an aussie coming to HK ina few weeks also want to get into this so yeah guys and i know a heap of places that we can get the gear from also iam an import broker and can deal with manufactures in mainland heap heaps cheaper so yeah let me know if you are looking let me know also guys any one out there who wants a game let me know please as i really want to give this a go as in aus we are not allowed to do this thanks.

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    kwong wah street airsoft shop, has events every sunday, price is about 160 with airsoft gears (gun, mask...), 260 without gear. They have buses every sunday to drive you to wargame field, usually at yuen long, sai keng.

    here is local website which has shop, teams... for wargame fans. it is chinese website, let your chinese friends help you to read

    Wargame Guns Equips Links

    WargameYAU - Powered by Discuz!

    Field info
    WargameYAU Powered by Discuz!

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    im looking for people to join an event to play at any location. we got canceled from playing from w28 last weekend sucks!!!..whoever is new i am willing to meet up to show you the places to get the equipment. but bare in mind you need at least 2000-3000 hkg to get everything. but if you want good gear gun, uniform, etc you need at least 4000++ however heres my 92433419 so whoever is willing to start a team give me a ring and we can discuss it.

    i would really like to play at least 2 times a month or 3...

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    Me and my hubby (both 27) are interested in playing/joining. we've never played before but are really keen. Let me know if you dont mind 2 enthusiastic noobs joining you! ^_^

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    My friends and I are playing next sat (28th) if anyone wants to join us. Please PM me if you are interested

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    Well, I also belong to a small group of xpats that are really eager to play. We found the cheapest place was in Sham Shu Po for our equipment, I am willing to show you where and they are heaps cheaper than the shops in Mong Kok. We would really enjoy being able to join up with other people to play, we have already got all of our own gear and just need to find others to play against. Would any of you like to team up or compete against 5 other people??

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    If anyone ever gets up to Sai Kung to play on a Sunday, let me know and I'll meet you there. I am looking for a group of english speakers to play with and I have all of my own equipment.

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