We are a expat team consisting of serious and youthful players who love to have a good team spirit whilst an edge to improve.

Our team just joined 'Legal League' (One of the biggest local amateur league - http://www.legalleague.com.hk/). We are now recruiting for more committed and quality players who can spend time on Saturday Afternoons with us. We currently have a squad of 15 players with a good team spirit and youthful energy , aging from 19-39. Average age 28. We have Japanese, BBCs, local HK, English, American and Italian. We are a great bunch who loves each other company, always up for a laugh but serious about playing regularly and improving as a team. We have matches mostly on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays. We need players who can commit to sacrifice 2-3 hours one of these days for a game.

We wear the Japan jersey 2013 with pride and we have jus qualified for next year Brazil World Cup ( jus kidding). We like with style and as a team , and players be kitted properly for games.
Come along & join us... share your effort & experience with us....

Interested please contact: [email protected] / https://www.facebook.com/SamuraiBlueFC

隊伍名稱 : Samurai Blue FC

聯賽名稱: Legal League (æœ¬åœ°æœ€æœ‰è¦æ¨¡æ¥­é¤ è¯è³½) - http://www.legalleague.com.hk/

球隊聯絡人 : Yuji

招募球員位置 : 任何位置

招募球員要求 :
1. 專注於本隊, å°è¶³çƒæœ‰ç†±èª æ‡‰çœ Ÿ, 良好技術, 速度快,
2. 有球品, 有Teamwork, 極具團隊精神, æ‡‚å¾—é«”è«’åŠåŒ…å®¹é šŠå‹ - å””è¦è‡ªä»¥ç‚ºä¿‚çƒæ Ÿæ—£çƒå“¡.
3. 出席率一定要高, 肯為球隊付出. 要夾好一隊波, 大家需要有密契, 如果每場波唔同 Partner, 點會夾得好
4. 需尊重領隊及球隊 的決定同安排, 尊重其它對友, æ‡‚å¾—é«”è«’åŠåŒ…å®¹é šŠå‹ä»¥åŠæ¸´æœ›å¾—到 €²æ­¥... ç„¡è«–è¼¸èµ¢ä¸€åŒåˆ†äº «
5. å› ç‚ºä¿‚è¸¢æ¥­é¤˜è¯è³ , æ‰€ä»¥çƒå“¡è¦è²·æˆ°è¡ / Share 比賽費用

球隊地區 : 以港島為主場 (11人 真草, 人造草為主), é–‹å­£å¾Œéœ€å„å€ä½œå ¢

çƒéšŠç·´ç¿’æ¯”è³½æ™‚é “ :
æš«æ™‚é–‹å­£å‰ä¸»è¦ç ºæ˜ŸæœŸå…­ä¸‹åˆ... æ¯æ˜ŸæœŸæœ€å°‘æœ‰ä¸€å  ´ (çƒå“¡æœ€å¥½æ˜ŸæœŸå…­æ ¥æ”¾å‡)... 開季後星期一,äº”æ šä¸Š1930後, 星期六日1200後

球隊宗旨 : è¸¢å‡ºæ€§æ„Ÿå¿«æ¨‚è¶³ç ƒ. 始終係新球隊,å”” ¥½å…¶æœ›å¤ªé«˜å ´å ´å¬´. ..æœ€é‡è¦çƒéšŠè¦ä½ ä¸ €åŒå»ºç«‹

æœ‰èˆˆè¶£å˜…æœ‹å‹è«‹ç ™åº•åŸºæœ¬è³‡æ–™ï¼Œå¦ æ“…é•·ä½ç½®ã€å¹´é½¡, Whatsapp & Facebook... (所有比賽資料都 响 Whatsapp & Facebook 公報)

聯絡方法 : [email protected] / https://www.facebook.com/SamuraiBlueFC