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Current rates for personal trainers in Fitness First

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxc:
    My impression was that UP Fitness just employed a lot of trainers who already worked in HK?
    No, UP also brought over some of their London trainers who are putting any new to UP trainers through a pretty intensive training programme (I've seen it in action - it's brutal). The owner of UP has also been out to HK and put the staff through their paces, and there are mutterings that Charles Poliquin himself will be visiting at some point.

    I've noticed that some of the other HK gyms (not naming names but certain big chains) are trying to either bad mouth UP or sneak in to find out what their "secret" is. I suggest to anyone who's interested in UP to actually go and have a session with them and make your own mind up.
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    😁UP fitness for sure!!!
    I go there 3 times per week

    Although a bit expensive but worth it)))

    (I brought my mum train there too LOL)

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    I recently completed a training program at UP fitness. It is brutal and also absolutely fantastic. You come away feeling like you actually accomplished something. By contrast, I once had a PT session at Physical and literally did not break a sweat.

    Wholeheartedly recommend UP to anyone who will listen. It's definitely not cheap at double the price of the Physical PT but easily 10x more effective.

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    Is it very tough to get started in UP for someone who did not do any sports before?

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