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Morning Pilates class on HK island

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    Wow I completely forgot I posted this last year! I will watch with interest as I never did end up going, but instead sought treatment from a physio first.

    One thing that I did discover for lower back problems, as this which you can get in Commercial Press and some outdoor equipment shops (saw it in one in Sheung Wan the other week - can provide details of anyone wants). Has really helped me strengthen my lower back and has helped to rebuild my core, along with some conscious actions to maintain a good posture (which in itself helps strengthen ones core).

    Good luck. Sorting out your back is so important, as I've come to realise from years of abuse, but thankfully finally turning it around.

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    VIM Pilates review. Caveat: I am speaking as a Pilates instructor not as a "lower back" patient.

    VIM is a licenced training centre for STOTT Pilates in Hong Kong; the only one such centre in Hong Kong, and one of the very few in Asia.

    STOTT Pilates is one of the contemporary Pilates brands and one of the founding members of the Pilates Method Alliance. The STOTT Pilates brand has high reputation for the quality of their teaching and instructors (their certifying exams are some of the hardest to pass in the Pilates world).

    A licenced training centre for STOTT Pilates by definition will strive to uphold the highest standards of Pilates teaching and instruction, as they are the teachers' teachers. So I would recommend their classes, without hesitation, to anyone - to anyone who has doctor's permission to start physical exercise routine. Remember Pilates instructors, the best of them, are not doctors, and are not trained as doctors. They do, however, see a lot of people with similar issues and observe what helps and what does not for the lower back pain.

    Good luck with your exercise routine!!

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