We are a team consisting of serious and youthful expat players who love to have a good team spirit whilst an edge to improve.

We are one of the team from of the biggest local amateur league which the new season had just started. To make our team stronger & stronger, here we are looking for talented soccer players who are serious and committed.

We are a bunch of dreamers, we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we like to respect punctuality and respect football. After a long road of getting our final squad, we have now a proud team of boys who play with a Excellent Spirit.

Our team has a great blend of youth and experience. We love football, and we enjoy playing football regularly at least once a week. To us football is our life and a full time project, not just a Saturday afternoon. We are also diverse and encourage everyone to join our crazy gang.

Our team although is Japanese Team, we are United Nation... consists of Japanese, Polish, German, Italian, British, American, Tunisian & certainly Hong Kongers which includes overseas born Chinese. We welcome people of all nationalities with a good attitude and passion to play good football !!!

We have matches mostly on Saturdays afternoon, sometimes Friday & Monday evenings (Very Seldom). We need Skilled players who can commit to sacrifice 2-3 hours one of these days each week for a game.

Come along & join us... share your effort & experience with us...