Olympic Lifting club?

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    Olympic Lifting club?

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if there are any olympic lifting clubs around HK that you guys know of? I have some very basic background in oly lifting and want to further my technique. Not sure where to go.


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    Ivan we have some great oly coaches at my gym CrossFit Asphodel in Quarry Bay. We run a 90 min oly class every sunday and also our head oly coach will be running a 4x2hr workshop in the first week of December. If interested drop me a PM and I will send you details once the email goes out.

    Regards, Alix

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    Alternatively if you don't want to be priced gouged by personal trainers in private gyms. You can check out these guys who run programs for weightlifting and powerlifting at the Wanchai sports ground at very reasonable prices. It's not fancy but it's friendly and ridiculously cheap. http://www.hkwpa.org.hk/main.php