A new sociable football team is looking for players

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    A new sociable football team is looking for players

    Proposed Name: Football without Boundaries Football Club (FWBFC)
    Manager: Kev
    Coaches: 2-4 (i just want to help a few friends to make extra income as they just earn very few from playing semi-professional football in HK. They can also help to look after the team when i am not around. Some of them have overseas professional football experience and even represented their countries at different levels.)
    Fees: $300/person a month (inclu. coach fees and pitch rent,surplus will be used for purchasing equipment for the team,like football, team kits, etc., students, refugees, jobless will be offered sponsorship for playing here)
    Target size: 30-40 players
    Usual venues of playing: mostly on island side
    Training or casual game time: Saturday/Sunday daytime (to be discussed), at least 4-5 times a month.
    Visions: 1)form into teams to join in various leagues and have regular training and casual kickabout every week, 2) organize social events for our players to promote friendship among players. 3) participate in charitable or community events.

    Note 1: I won't stop organizing casual games for other members
    Note 2: I am looking for some unwanted soccer boots as gifts for those refugees and ethnic minorities in HK, hope this can help them to pick up football again from not able to afford to buy a pair of soccer boots. Let me know if you have some in good conditions.


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    I'm not a footballer but just wanted to say that's a lovely idea and I hope it takes off.