pushup equipments

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    pushup equipments

    Hi everyone,

    I recently joined a circuit training program. Many of the exercises that I do put a lot of pressure on my wrist. I had a minor fracture couple of years ago, which cause my wrist to ache very quickly making it difficult to exercise further. I have seen the ortho doctor who suggests I should do surgery to fix the ligaments. (Will think about it lateR).

    For now, I want to do push like exercises in such a way that they don't put a lot of pressure on my wrist. At the gym, I find it easier to do push ups on inverted Busu ball (puts much less pressure on my wrist). Obviously I cannot carry a bosu ball with my when I am travelling.

    I have checked the standard push up equipments (push up stands).. But I find them inconvenient. The bars are sometimes too thin and put more pressure on palm. I am looking for something similar but with thick handles so as to put less pressure on palm as well. I guess a small plank or something link that.

    I hope I have explained my requirements clearly.

    Could you advice where can i find such equipments? Maybe I can get something build from wood? Any suggestions. Thanks.


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    Use either dumbbells if you have access to them in hotel gyms etc whilst travelling. Or you could make a mini pair sof paralettes with PVC pipe from a hardware store.

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