I like taking pre workouts, and I really like the original version of "white flood" made by controlled labs. Recently I've finished my tube and was looking for a new one, but it's sold out in all supplements stores and it's going to take weeks until they restock it again. I tried to find it online but either its sold out or it's going to take a long time till they ship it over to hong kong.
Apparently their company has improved its forumla and its now labelled as "white flood reborn". Supposedly it's an improved version of the previous one. So i bought the new version this week and tried it for 3 days, however it's too potent for me. Even when I reduced the serving from 1 scoop to half n then to 1/3, it's still too strong for me, sure I get a better workout using this version than the previous one, but then I couldn't sleep at all at night. I googled it online and it seems like I'm the minority who's experiencing it as everyone else seems to prefer the newer version and are able to sleep normally using it. I guess I'm really stim/caffeine-sensitive..?

Anyhow for people who still have the old version, does anyone want to exchange their old version with mine? The older version costs much less than the newer ones, and is less powerful than the newer one. You don't have to pay me any extra, I still have receipts and all, i bought it from cwb this week. Also my tube is 99% new since i only had less than 2 scoops.