Squash League/Team

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    Squash League/Team

    Happy New Year all,

    Are there any squash leagues running in HK?

    Any teams looking for players?


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    Squash is a popular sport in HK and there's a league organised with 19 different levels(for men), Masters and Ladies.

    Unfortunately the season starts in October so teams have already been made up a long time ago. If you are good and a team is struggling, you might still be able to find a spot. You can join a private club and sometimes get preferential treatment depending on your level or just check out the HK squash site and look at team lists. You can see where they are playing and the email address of the convenor. If you don't want to fork out too much money to join a club and you're on the island, you can check out the HK squash centre on Cotton Tree drive and the SCAA on Caroline hill Rd