Having seen others looking for Bikram classes, I thought I would post that I have found some that are very close. Pure Yoga has several Bikram-trained teachers who teach either in Hot 1 or Hot Hour. There is a 90 minute class, but most are 60minutes, so several poses are just done once, rather than twice. The tricky bit is that not all Hot Hours are Bikram. The Bikram-trained teachers are Missy, Robert (I've had both of their classes-excellent), Noi, Kelsea (have not taken from them yet) and Frances (more of a departure from the Bikram poses, lovely instruction, but a higher proportion of instructor talking compared to doing the poses than in a regular Bikram class). These instructors teach in multiple Pure studios--check the schedule to see where/when they are teaching a Hot Hour or Hot 1 class to find the Bikram style classes.