Protein powder, sport nutrients questions

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    Protein powder, sport nutrients questions

    A new sport nutrients shop just opened at where I work in Sheung Wan called Goldnutrition, have you guys heard of it or is using it?

    I want to know whether it is good quality and well priced, their whey protein with BCAA's is $790/2kg, apparently it is a big brand in Portugal and are made in UK or Germany.

    I just want to choose a good brand and stick to it, they gave me 1 small sachet sample to try, it feels quite good, but want to find out more before buying.

    P.S. tried GNC, personally cannot see a huge impact..

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    You cannot mystically "feel" the effects of a protein powder unless it makes you fart or gives you stomach problems.

    iHerb is the usual go-to source for many people on this forum.

    But you'd be better off explaining what you're trying to do with these supplements, as from the little information you've provided so far, you might well be focussing on the wrong thing here.

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    iHerb & Isopure ....

    I agree with jgl - unless you took that sachet after a VERY heavy workout, and you were less sore than without the protein, it is very hard to figure out what effect it had.

    Yeah, but nice try promoting goldnutrition ...

    I'm sure mods will leave this thread, just incase it helps someone else discover iherb.