PURE Langham Fitness/Yoga Female Partner

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    Red face PURE Langham Fitness/Yoga Female Partner

    Hi everyone!
    I'm a 23 year old full-time student at City University. I'm planning on joining PURE (Langham location only but both yoga & fitness) next week and I'm searching for a female gym partner to attend regular yoga classes, fitness classes as well as doing regular exercise in the gym using equipment (weights, jogging, cycling, etc).

    Preferably a lady, but you can be any age in any health.
    Personally I'm a newbie to regular exercise but require it asap to better my health and am planning on going to the gym 3 times / per week. Hours are flexible up until September which is when I start university again with a new schedule.

    I'm just looking for someone that wants a gym partner to keep each other motivated and on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Send me a PM or comment below if you think we can reach our health goals together or if you would like to get to know me better and get a sense for what type of person I am. (I consider myself outgoing, friendly and a very relaxed person that's easy to get along with.)
    I can hold a conversation in anything from politics and law, to health, beauty and literature. Make-up, clothes, Obamacare, social democratic system - you name it and we can discuss it.
    I'm a dedicated gamer - so if you're a fellow gamer looking to leave your room for regular exercise, let me know!

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    Hi ya!!! This is Vesta pure all location member !!! I love fitness & yoga!!!
    But I will leave HK for a month , back in June . Let's catch up before I leaving HK & nice to meet you!😁💪