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2014 FiFA Worldcup Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat:
    Colombia was favorite against Uruguay?
    Cost Rica favorite?

    After Suraez was known to be out then yes.

    And yes, Costa Rica were favorites over Greece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justjoe86:
    They have been favourites to win every game so far. If anything theyve been below expectation in terms of performance, but they're a very good team.

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    Yes, but what made them so good?

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    neymar vs columbia: neymar
    france vs germany: france
    holland vs costa rica: holland
    messi vs belgium: messi

    brazil and argentina, both really disappointing so far. Germany struggles with teams pressing early (against Ghana/USA) I think the french midfield duo matuidi-pogba will destroy germany.

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    A Columbia v Costa Rica or Columbia v Belgium final would be interesting.

    Although all the quarter finals and then semi finals and then finals will be interesting.

    This have been a good world cup. Lots of goals.

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    One must look at what the youth teams won.
    Belgium has been quite succesul, so this success
    carried through to the World Cup.
    Besides, their trainer is from Schalke's Eurofighter Team
    A.D. 1997, made of the same stuff as Lehmann or Thon from Germany, allota fighting experience

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    Dutch were eating in cipriani which was kind of posh but aguero was in the holiday inn, hardly a world famous fine dining establishment.
    In Fortaleza now for a week of sun and drink. Laters y'all.

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    saw this in Reddit, thought it was cool

    Englishman to Americans after your World Cup exit (self.sports)
    submitted 12 hours ago * by Murbroski
    I would just like to say, with out trying to be condescending, you've been an absolute joy to watch this World Cup. From the players' commitment, heart, passion, effort and never say die attitude, to the fans who have been the best by far and have been great fun to watch, and the 'I believe that we will win' chant is incredible.
    As an England fan, I can only dream of my country having as much passion as yours, on and off the pitch.
    I was rooting for you all the way and was devastated when Wondolowski missed that chance, literally fell to my knees screaming.
    I sincerely hope that the popularity of the sport in America grows and this isn't just a bandwagon thing (it probably is) because if you continue to develop young talent and get more people involved you will grow to one of the biggest footballing nations around, then who knows.
    You've been a pleasure.
    You may not fully love football, but football loves you!
    EDIT: Just awoken to see I've been given gold, thanks a lot to whoever did that! But what does it do?
    EDIT 2: When I say you have more passion, what I mean is A) the players actually seem like they want to play for their country. B) The fans, at international level were better, we're passionate don't get me wrong, but we like club football much, much more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watercooler:
    Yes, but what made them so good?

    I'll leave that question to an expert.

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    No football til Friday night is ridiculous.

    What will i do now? I've adjusted to Brazilian time... whilst maintaining HK time.

    (I.e. I've hardly slept for weeks)

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