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    selling Pure fitness membership

    Hey guys,

    I really need some help on selling my Pure fitness membership...

    I only registered few weeks ago but I would be leaving HK at end of August.

    Could anyone advise me on how I could sell my membership? Im really not familiar with this...


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    I think officially you can't sell it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100LL:
    I think officially you can't sell it.
    You can if you provide Pure with satisfactory written evidence that you're permanently leaving HK.

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    There are usually a number advertised in classified section of this website. I know people who've bought and sold them. Officially Ts&Cs say you can't, but I guess if they were difficult about it they'd quickly lose expat members who don't know how long there'll be here.

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    Find a buyer for your membership (would be good to list the details)

    Go into Pure and sign some papers to transfer the membership

    Pay a transfer fee

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