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    are you still recruiting? i'm a recent college grad and would love to play

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    Hi, just wondering if your still looking for players? And what time you play on a Sunday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiteSparts:

    We're looking for players to join our team for the new season starting middle of September. We're a club with 100+ members and 4-5 11-aside teams of varying standards. It's very social and a great way to meet new people.

    If you're interested in coming along for a match. Let me know.

    Hey mate,
    Whats the latest with the football

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    I am new to the area and am also interested in getting on a team if you're still looking for players.

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    Me too..
    I have been playing for a long time in Spain..and why not? I could continue doing it here as well.

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    Do you accept women? Along with total beginners?

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    are you still looking to recruit? would love to join together to play.

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    Hi there!

    25yo. 5 9 (175cm). fast winger. let me know if you're recruiting, thanks!

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