looking for male latin dance partner

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    Thumbs up looking for male latin dance partner

    hi i'm at my mid twenties, a beginner of latin dance, hv learnt for abt 4 months now (mainly cha cha so far, and a bit of jive, rumba & peso), now looking for a male partner to learn together, its soo much fun when u hv a partner, also would definitely dance better! :P

    lets get in touch

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    salsa group

    Hey lazyocean,

    There's a new Salsa group in the Groups section of this website. Join in and we can hopefully meet other ppl interested in Salsa


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    hey g,

    just 1 question, thought my teacher told me the whole time, salsa was not really latin dance? i'm currently learning & working on cha cha cha only shame on me, but of course it'd be interesting to meet other like-minded ppl

    i'm still new to here, where can i find that group to join? thx


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    Hey L,

    In my mind Salsa is considered Latin / spanish You won't have trouble learning it if you dance Cha cha already, and Salsa is the same step but without the cha cha cha part inbetween it goes quick quick slow, quick quick slow...

    You'll be able to find the groups in the blue menu bar at the top of this page, and then just join the Salsa one and you'll be all set!


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    sounds good!!! coz i'm actually quite clumpsy myself to begin with any new dance, if salsa is similar to cha cha but easier, i should be ok hehe, at least i reckon :P

    hv already joined the salsa group, can't wait to meet u guys for a salsa get together