Looking for a football team

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    Looking for a football team

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to play some football here. I would prefer 11-a-side opportunities but others are better than none at all. I'm in Hong Kong, not working, and living off my wife. Needless to say, kicking the ball around on Sundays sounds great! Let me know if there is hope out there, and I can send my whatsapp.

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    Hi there - for competitive teams you're about a month too late. All the leagues have started and squads have been finalised.

    There's the Casual Football group - the organiser Wayne is a nice guy, but the standard of football is varied (there seems to be a higher than average proportion of guys who are up their own arses). Google Casual Football HK.

    There is also a Friday night 4 a side in North Point - this has less focus on football and more on the beer and burgers that follow.

    My own football team play friendlies on weeks we don't have league games. Usually play 7s though. Standard is higher than Fri 4 a side and the casual football games.

    If you want to get involved in the Friday 4 a side or be called on if we ever need a ringer for my team, then PM me your details.

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    TCFC - tung chung football club is a good shout. Has games on Sunday's and various other days. Good mix of lads but standard of players varies. Hope to see you there! Nick
    Tung Chung FootBall club

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    I'm also looking for somewhere to play, happy with casual and Sunday's preferred. Currently based in CWB