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Looking for Baseball Players!

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    May 2015

    Is this fast pitch/hard ball? Or slow pitch/softball?

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    Hi there, thanks for your post, we are a baseball club and have league teams.

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    Hi there, we play Hard ball, baseball

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    Jun 2015

    Hey, first time posting here!

    I actually am interested to play - have always followed the sport but haven't actually played very many times besides high school so I'll say I'm a beginner to be honest.

    Any details and such to pass along? Thanks a lot!

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    Not a problem, beginners welcome, do you use WhatsApp? If so, you can PM me on 90280540 and I can give you all the details

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    Open Casket, are you also interested?

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    Baseball for Kids

    We are looking for Kids Baseball players to join, boy and Girls welcome

    Age groups per below

    Under 8. T ball
    8 to10. Minor
    10 to12 major
    12 to14 junior

    Join us and PM me here if you are interested, do WhatsApp me on 90280540, Thx

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    Victoria, Hong Kong

    Do you use the hard foam balls?

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    We use hard ball for little league

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    Hong Kong

    I am very much interested playing baseball. please let me know where to start to join the team.

    Thank you

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