Hong Kong Rugby League Schools Forum - 10 March

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    Hong Kong Rugby League Schools Forum - 10 March

    We Need You! - HKRL Schools Competition and Clinics

    School Forum - 6:30pm 10 March 2015 - Australian International School

    Having a vibrant schools competition in Hong Kong is incredibly important to us. It will be an essential part of Hong Kong Rugby League.

    Fortunately we have had many expressions of interest from schools from around Hong Kong and we are keen to build this into a well supported schools program.

    Drawing off the experience of Secretary Ray Meli who has a background in children's football development in the Hong Kong school system as well as other members of HKRL who are experienced teachers and coaches we hope to deliver a successful program. Our team also has qualifications in education and sport development.

    Initially with the help of some very experienced coaches we plan to introduce children to two different forms of a non contact variety of league known as Touch Rugby and then move on to OzTag. These forms of the game help develop confidence and the basic skills required to play 9 and 13 a side Rugby League.

    We invite interested parties to attend a special forum we are holding about Rugby League in Schools.

    This will take place at the Australian International School on the 10th of March 2015 from 6:30pm.

    We would like Principals, Heads of Sport, PE Teachers, school coaches, teachers, teaching assistants and parents to join us.

    We also would love to see people who want to help us conduct the competition, so if you want to help out as a coach, referee or 1st aid officer you are most welcome.

    HKRL understands that different schools will have different levels of experience and resources, to this end we want to offer as much assistance and support as we can to these schools.

    If you would like to attend please ring Jason Fairleigh on 69091168 or Ray Meli on[email protected] and 64449421.

    If you are unable to attend, but would still like to be involved in this exciting project please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Great initiative. Keep up the good work!