Hi all,

I'm a beginner when it comes to fishing, so please bear with me here.

I'd like to start fishing for recreation around Hong Kong to get away from the crowds from time to time. I've been to Po Kee in Sheung Wan and bought one of those plastic things that you can use to fish without a pole. Went to Lamma, didn't catch anything (hook too big I reckon), but I had a lot of fun. Now I'd like to buy a rod that can do double-duty around the coastline and in reservoirs when the season starts up again in the fall. The most complex type of fishing I'm likely to try is renting a kayak and exploring the perimeters of the outlying islands.

Any advice on the kind of rod/reel I should get? I'll probably live in HK for another 15 months and will aim to go out once or twice a month. I've heard good things about spinning reels, but not sure what size or type of rod to get. For reference I'm about 5'10''.

Any other fishing advice would be most welcome. I've been doing a lot of Googling and it seems most of the resources for English-speakers is geared towards deep-sea charters.