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Anyone interested in Airsoft ?

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    Anyone interested in Airsoft ?

    I'm a local guy and I play Airsoft game
    I'm not a professional player and I dun have expensive gear

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    Hello! I am the same as you wai lee.

    I am looking to join or organize an event with enough people that are also new/not professional!

    Who else is interested?!

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    same here new and with cheap gears but im not local, recently joined a group named peeas.. i suggest that you join a group too insted of looking for new players coz this way you will get more experience and knowledge.. also they can help you if you get any problem with ur gun. we will have a game this sunday at lamma. if you are interested ,i'll be happy to introduce you..

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    I got myself a team and I am the leader of it

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    how many members.. and are you going to play this sunday.. leave ur contact here
    i have some new players and we wanna play on coming sunday.. but we are not enough.. lamma game was cancled

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    Sorry, we are not going to play this Sunday.
    We have only 7 men, but each of us have been playing WG for 6 years sth.
    We are no pro players but we do know some basic skills and we do care about safety since we treat the guns as real firearms
    How often do you guys play?
    We'd love to play with foreigners, are ur friends non-local too?
    Where you from?

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    Philippine, Pakistan, japan... but 4 of us just started a month ago.. any way inbox me ur whatsapp.. i will be in touch..

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    I want to gather replies of airsoft game, here's the link