Yoga and kickboxing studios suggestions

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    Wink Yoga and kickboxing studios suggestions

    Hi guys,

    I'm being relocated to Hong Kong for six months. I will be working in the Central area and I was wondering if there are affordable options for yoga and kicking boxing classes? I found this gym online, it's called PURE but there are no pricing info on the website. It seems to have what I want but I was wondering if I can sign on for six months or by month. If they only offer long time contracts then I would need to look for other alternatives. Also my company is leasing a place for me in the Kowloon Area and there doesn't seem to be many options from PURE there. I'm from the states and I use classpass, is there something similar to classpass in Hong Kong?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Thanks guys!

    XOXO Jessie

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    I'd recommend yoga room in sheung wan (near mtr):
    You can get a 30-class package first to try for a bit, but their annual unlimited membership is a good deal.

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    Hey thanks! It looks good. Three problems though with it for me though.

    1) I won't be in Hong Kong for a year so I don't want to go for the annual membership.
    2) I don't want to travel so far on weekends when I don't have to work, prefer if they had flexible locations.
    3) I want to do kickboxing as well and not just yoga.

    That's why I wish there was classpass in Hong Kong. It's basically a one pass unlimited classes to all yoga, kickboxing, etc studios with no contract.

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    Pure Yoga+Fitness offers monthly and drop-in packages. Not cheap but the facilities (clean towels/mats/showers) and the range of choices of classes/teachers are well worth the price, especially if you want multiple locations. I visit 4-5 times a week and it turns out to offer the lowest rates per visit compared to similar clubs around town, so i'm really happy with them!

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    Take a look at (ex groupon guys launching a fitness platform).

    I'm not sure if it is fully online and how many gyms they've brought into their platform, but these guys want to offer a single deal - $800 / month gets you into one of many gyms that uses their service.

    Yes, they ripped the idea from classpass ... but I suspect you knew that already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessieSmith:
    2) I don't want to travel so far on weekends when I don't have to work, prefer if they had flexible locations.
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