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Gym rat food

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    Looks like Eatology HK is not yet up and running, so probably not then. Similar thing though!

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal
    Quote Originally Posted by rani:
    @TheBrit wonder if its Eatology?
    Another one for comparison, Eat Right Food Programme:

    Healthy Diet Meal Plan Delivery Services in Hong Kong

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    @Sean07 apologies for such a random comment, but as people point out there's already a lot of companies offering similar/various things like what you're thinking. There's also gourmet meat suppliers: Pacific Gourmet Online Ltd.

    You know what business I wish someone would start in HK? A shop that supplies women's shoes size 40+ (41, 42). All of these chain shoe shops, and many other places like Wing On, only have up to size 40! Where the heck are women with size 41 shoes meant to get shoes?! (A similar thing could be said for clothes, as I'm so sick of M&S...). So, very random, but there's a business idea for you if you're really into making new businesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjoe86:
    There are a number of supplement shops selling stuff like protein powder, creatine, pre workout and other gym related stuff. .
    For all that stuff just use A lot cheaper!

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